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Terms of Use OUR HOUSE

   Peace and mercy of God be upon you Blessings and friends Blog  our house  I hope from the heart that you know that using the blog Culture and Miscellaneous in any way that you acknowledge your knowledge and full awareness of the terms of use:

   The blog provides you with the ability to comment on the publications contained in it, but you should know that the blog does not want any comments hurtful, non-racial or extremist, in any way and that everyone who makes a comment or abusive be in this form expresses himself and The author of course.

   The intellectual property rights of the comments on the blog remain reserved to the owners of course, but if there is a need to re-use the wording of the idea in the commentary with the real source of the idea.

   I sincerely hope that everyone who comments on the blog will use their real name without resorting to a pseudonym. The use of a pseudonym is not an offense, but the blogger does not allow impersonation of any other party.
   In other words, you can use an alias, but you cannot impersonate other individuals.

   It is always preferable to give me an email when commenting on the blog, noting that the email will not be given to any third party and will not be used for any commercial purpose without your prior permission.

   I sincerely hope that the Code is not used in illegal ways or means, which leads God forbid the closure of the Code, the owner of this blog is a respectable person who does not want to violate the laws.

   This agreement may change over time as I see fit for both blogger and visitor so feel free to visit this page from time to time, good luck to all, God willing.

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